X D G . O N E

Such Manjaro (Arch Linux) based VM

2 Core, 2G RAM and expanding HD up to 512G. You can adjust this in Virtualbox.

Much Dogecoin Core client

MultiDoge client

3 Paperwallet Generators

bitnami LAMP Server to get you started!

Try x d g . o n e before download:

RDP t35t3r.org:19091

The VM will restart every 15 Minutes. Please don't do anything that can get me into trouble.

Download xdg.one.ova 22G Virtualbox import file

Torrent file xdg.one.ova.torrent

Sha256sum = 051503cec28accd127d31fec5ec91002d9c6b0e54cfce8808f101b1144377628 xdg.one.ova

user doge

password SuchWOW

To the moon together!

So WOW, Much tips, much thanks: